Who We Are

TCC is a Trust that operates out of South India and offers counselling services, counselling training and certification and a number of counselling resources. TCC has, over the years, been deeply involved in the running of counselling centers in the city of Chennai and has been training individuals and institutions in efficacious counselling using the model of Holy Spirit led counselling. TCC is now an Associate institution member of Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) based in Shillong to provide a Diploma in Counselling.

TCC is also an institutional member with Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI).

TCC also works closely with the Department of Psychiatry and Counselling in CSI Rainy Hospital and Kalyani Hospital. Courses and the content offered by TCC are also done in coordination with the Department of Psychiatry and Counselling and such courses will also benefit from combined participation certificates.

It all started when counsellors from different organizations came together for the purpose of sharing experiences, discussing cases, and seeking the heart of God in each issue that arose during their work. In these periods of fellowship and prayer, the Spirit of the Lord began to move in their midst. He intervened and exposed the lacunae and insufficiency that was present in their own lives as counsellors. This chiselling process that still continues to date led to a journey of repair, reconciliation and restoration through frequent God encounters. Miracles were witnessed, break throughs were experienced, and fresh anointing received.

This journey resulted in the birth of The Counsellor’s Consortium.

Who is The Counsellor?

The Counsellor we refer to is The Holy Spirit. In the Bible, He is referred to as The Counsellor, among other titles. It is under His tutelage that this organization has come into being. The apostrophe (Counsellor’s) is indicative of the identity of the Holy Spirit.

What do We believe?

1) God is the key stakeholder in counselling. With God as the key stakeholder, we are confident in results of healing and transformation.

2) The counsellor must be led by the Holy Spirit in all matters. His/her degree, profession and method of treatment are all subjected to the Kingship of Jesus Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

3) Medicinal intervention is not ignored in clinical counselling. It is a gift from God and must be used with suitably qualified medical specialists.



a) To raise counsellors who will be equipped, trained and empowered to lead counselees into sanctification, deliverance and healing.

b) To teach and train the body of Christ in matters regarding sexuality and holiness; marriage and family, based on the Biblical framework.

c) To produce a generation of counsellors who are Word-based, Christ-centred and Holy Spirit-led.



Dr. Shanthi Davidar

Consultant Psychiatrist

Arthi Johnson

Clinical Counsellor

Joel and Carol Kumar

Marital Counsellors


Occupational Therapist & Counselling Psychologist

Christina David

Clinical Psychologist

Blessy David

School Counsellor and Administrator